Open Finn Nordic Championships 4.-6.7.2021

We are very happy to inform that organizing comittee have got permission from Finnish health authorities and Boarder control to organize this event in Helsinki. competitors with a recent health certificate will be allowed to enter the country and participate the event.

Instructions to foreign participants:

  • All foreign participants should have Finnish health certificate (Contact Jesse Kylänpää to get the certificate)
  • Negative Covid test required
  • No isolation needed when entering the country
  • All foreign participants should have certificate from Covid vaccination (If vaccinated)
  • All foreign participants should inform travel route and schedule to organizing comittee before travelling (asap would be best)
    • Organizing comittee will give this information to Finnish Boarder control so that they can give participant permission to enter.

Register to the event via Manage2sail:!/entries?classId=8e8c2e38-8315-43af-8cf3-8da71f947839

Jesse Kylänpää

+358 44 5342823

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