FIN 201
Devoti 2011 ISAF 3826
Very fast boat (the rest is down to you). Sold as I can only sail one boat at a time.  Includes enough sails for you to find one that suits.

Very little used since 2016.


Double drainage tubes
Carbon kick plate
Needlespar boom (black)
One large and one mini bailer

Adjustable centerboard bolt

Transparent/light blue deck

Tack-Tick compass

Covers (under, top, boom, rudder & pin)



1) North Sails XI-2. OK sail.

2) North Sails C2.1  Fully used sail but good for heavy air training.

3) Doyle Stratis Blue. Estonian Lauri Vainsalu used this in one Europeans and then 4 times in training. Good condition.

4) WB Classic. OK condition.

5) WB Classic/Rio 2016 (Close to classic but in a lighter cloth). Good condition


Kristian Sjoberg
+ 44-7901-851580


Myydään käyttämätön purje Finnjollaan

– WB-sails Birgmark vuodelta 2016
Robert Nyberg